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Some might think I'm too old to be playing MMOs. That I should get my hair cut, wear "nice", respectable clothing and do what the world expects of women my age.

I've got one thing to say to that...... /moon

To the rest of you, welcome!

About me in RL: I'm a aging biology graduate, forever doomed to work in admin, with a love for all things fantasy (you at the back, clean your mind, I don't mean THAT sort). I'm married (thankfully to someone as addicted as me), I have 3 cats, one of whom will insist on trying to catch the Dwagon (and who's obviously modelled for the cat butt teleportal in the Oculus - next time you go through it, take a closer look, you'll see...) and I have a filthy sense of humour.

I'm also quite mad.