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Oh the irony.....

So there we were, druid and warrior, hitting the big red random instance button, and we get Drak'Tharon. Easy enough. Someone asks for a table, and another, a DK, says nah, don't need it, will be a quick run. He's all go-go-go, eager to get on etc, and that's fair enough, I get that. Except things seem to be going slowly, it's like swimming through treacle. Now I'm on vent with R, and a little way in he tells me that he's doing the most damage.....

R calls for a quick regen, we've got a mage and shammie who need topping up, my innervate's on CD, having zapped one previously, so I can't help out. Shammie's half way back up with mana, and the DK's saying "go".  He's impatient, we're obviously too slow for him.  So we down Novos, and one of the group asks for some idea of damage done. Suddenly the DK drops group. R posts the damage up, and I burst out laughing. Mr Impatient DK is doing 1.2k. He's right at the bottom of the list.....!

But the thing that amused me most? DK's title is "the Patient".......


(Deleted comment)
Jan. 30th, 2010 12:16 pm (UTC)
What, the ADHD that stands for Assholes Demand (real)Heroes DPS?