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March 11th, 2010

You remind me of the babe....

What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of Voodoo...Who do? Yes. Blatent Labyrinth quote. Do I care? Hell no, I loved that film. Still do.

I've been converted. Not to Voodoo, although if you ask me nicely, I could sing some songs in Kreyol at you - it's a long story, but it involved helping to raise funds for  Haiti earthquake relief, so all good, and no pins in dolls, honestly! 

No, it's VuhDo. I finally decided to get myself sorted with a decent addon - and it was the one that appealed. That and Rem had tried and tested it,and found it not too bulky. So...got it downloaded, set up (which took a little configuring, but it's relatively straightforward) and away I went. And I love it.

VuhDo seems to be slowly gaining a loyal base. I've noticed a lot of people talk about Healbot, or Grid+Clique, but when people have mentioned VuhDo, they're very positive about it. I've not tried the others. I'm still a noob when it comes to addons, even though they don't scare me as much these days.

But one very important thing occurred to me, something that made me feel satisfied at choosing it over the others. And it wasn't the performance that sold me initially....It was something else completely. I realised that as I was replying to a comment about in a community here, somewhat tersely. Someone who didn't use VuhDo had commented about it, something along the lines of wtf's up with the name. So I pointed out what was indeed up with the name, and finished with a "respect to the man".

In my book, someone who names a healing addon like this after their girlfriend's shaman deserves respect.

To be fair I had a reply to my terse comment, and they were quite "ah, yes, I'd be flattered". But it got me thinking. When I first read why VuhDo was named so, something got me. I appreciated the thought behind it, the care. Yes. I'm a soppy romantic at heart. But there's also a practical side telling me that if this addon's been named after someone they care about, then this addon will be cared about in turn.

Ah well. The big downside of VuhDo?  I now notice my need for more haste on my tree. My heals simply feel too slow......