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March 7th, 2010

Enthusiastic thoughts.

Last night, for the first time, our little guild (with the help of three others, a veteran, and husband of one of our guildies, and two rl friends) held an impromptu raid and finished Naxxramas 10. I was immensely proud of us all. Yes. It was "only" Naxx, yes we're all pretty much overgeared for it, and for many out there it won't signify a damned thing, I suspect they'd even laugh at us for the delight and pride we took in it.

I wonder if those same people can remember the very first raid they went on, while they're busy farming the same ICC content over and over again...because that's "what you do".

After the raid, we spent some time on a couple of heroics, and Rem and I chatted a while. When Enthusiasm was born, it was born with a number of ideals. And those ideals seem to be appealing to a number of people. Last night, for example, one of our new members commented that it was a lovely atmosphere, there was no raid rage, and we were laidback about it. That made me smile. You see, for me, this is what raiding should be about, it should be fun. Don't get me wrong - when it came to the fights, we were working well, everything was going into it. We took down the Four Horsemen on our very second attempt. We wiped our feet on Sapphiron's corpse first time, and likewise for Kel'Thuzad. We were a damned fine team, and I was proud to be part of it. And pleased that this little guild was able to give people that atmosphere and that fun.

And I'm constantly surprised at the reception to our recruitment posts, our ideals. Ideals that were born out of previous raiding experiences, fears of what the raiding could become for us if we'd let it. Rem, Colt and I are all very passionate about raiding, we love the challenge. We love going that little bit further each time, pushing ourselves, reaching out and taking on the challenges. And this is where my own personal fears crept in. I know I can be good. But I'm always a little worried that I might not be good enough for an elite hardcore guild, or that if I was then HAVING to attend 5 days raiding straight, being top of the game all the time, would burn me out. However, none of us wanted to be part of a guild with sloppy don't care attitudes to raids either. We wanted somewhere that could provide us some serious end game content, but with a relaxed and mature feel to it, that allowed us to learn as we go, to explore content, and to have fun.

Rem and I discussed the possibility of our setting up a guild. We were both a bit concerned about it, we've all three got raiding experience, but not in WoW. Why would people come to us? But we figured we'd give it a shot, that there was nothing to lose. We were both a bit tense about starting with content that most other people had seen, and that people wanted gear from ToC, ICC and that's what we SHOULD be doing.

So we posted in forums, and gently spammed channels. And people joined. People like us. We clicked instantly. And then Rem wrote a most empassioned and eloquent recruitment post.

The feedback from that post has been wonderful. People telling us that they love our ideas. People transferring faction and server because they like our outlook, our approach. And it's turning our WoW dream into reality.

It's both wonderful and scary. Wonderful because there are more than just three like minded people out there and we can group up with them and have great fun. And scary because it feels like we're offering something refreshing. We're standing up in our own little corner saying "We're going to do it OUR way" when everyone else is go-go-going to ToC and ICC as soon as they've got halfway decent gear.....

But I don't care. I'd sooner have a home in WoW with lots of space for friends and friends in potentia and wait that little bit longer for my gear than follow the current trend.

And for those that do, if you want to pull up a seat, and feel a little laid back, but still Enthusiastic? The door's always open!